Titov saw in Putin’s message radical change in economic policy

Титов увидел в послании Путина кардинальное изменение экономического курса

Message of the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin contains many important business points and talks about a radical change in economic policy, says business Ombudsman Boris Titov.

The President of the Russian Federation in his address to the Federal Assembly on Thursday instructed the government to develop a substantive plan of the country’s economic development until 2025, which will allow Russia to reach the economic growth rate above the world at the turn of 2019-2020.

“For business it was very much important in this message. First, the President clearly identified the existing problems in the economy. Some was voiced for the first time. So the President first acknowledged that high interest rate hurts the economy. Second, he acknowledged that problems in the economy of a domestic nature. Third, the first main goal of economic policy was called economic growth. Previously mentioned about macroeconomic stabilization. This is a radical change of economic course,” wrote Titov on his page in Facebook.

Titov said logical assignment to the government together with the business community to prepare before may a new strategy for socio-economic development of the Russian Federation until 2025. He also noted that the strategy will come from the challenges of ensuring economic growth.

The business Ombudsman recalled that in January-February, Stolypin club is ready to present a “growth Strategy”.

“This integrated program, which involves changes in tax, tariff, monetary and administrative policies, the withdrawal of SMEs from the shadows, and so on. Thus it is impossible to change one without changing the other. It should be exactly the set of solutions. The task of achieving economic growth dictates a very specific logic solutions. Don’t know, will be whether the “growth Strategy” in the government document, but I believe that ultimately, our recipes will be used,” — said Titov.