Two new elements of the periodic table was named in honor of the Moscow region and Japan

Два новых элемента таблицы Менделеева назвали в честь Подмосковья и Японии

. International Union of pure and applied chemistry (IUPAC) has approved the names of four new chemical elements, two of which are named in honor of the Moscow region and Japan, according to the official statement of the organization.

For the 113th element, the creators of which was recognized scientists from the Japanese Institute RIKEN, officially approved the name “nyoni” (nihonium (Nh). He became the first Japanese element in the periodic table. The word “Nihon” in Japanese means “Japan”.

Element number 115 officially named “Muscovy” (moscovium (Mc). The decision of assigning the element names in honor of the Moscow region, which is the joint Institute for nuclear research and where synthesized new elements, was adopted in June.

IUPAC has also approved the names of Esch two elements: the 118th element oganesson (Og) — named after the prominent Russian nuclear physicist Yuri Oganessian, academician of the RAS, specializing in experimental nuclear physics; 117th — tennessine (Ts) — in honor of the American tn. Hovhannisyan became the first Russian scientist after whom during life called a new chemical element.