“Victory” will appeal against the decision to install CCTV cameras in airplanes

"Победа" обжалует решение об установке камер видеонаблюдения в самолетах

The airline “Victory” is going to appeal to appeal the court’s decision on the installation of CCTV cameras in the aircraft, otherwise this can seriously affect the cost of tickets, told reporters the General Director of the carrier Andrey Kalmykov.

Earlier it was reported that the Ninth arbitration court of appeal after the court of first instance confirmed legality of requirements of supervision from March 31, which the airline-loukoster “Victory” (enters into group “Aeroflot”) was ordered to install surveillance cameras on aircraft.

“Going to appeal because we don’t know and no one in the Russian Federation does not know what kind of camera you need to install and in what format to transmit the signal,” — said Kalmykov.

According to Kalmykov, the airline sought clarification “from all the regulatory bodies”, where you can order the service equipment aircraft cameras. The CEO of the carrier added that to date, “Victory” has no technical possibility to execute the judgment, as used by the company Boeing is “no certified cameras which can be put”.

“It is very expensive. To date, the market for broadband broadcast from air on the ground there. We understand how much it will cost refurbishment of aircraft — in the region of 100-150 thousand dollars per aircraft. It raises the question of certification. It is unknown how many requests for such certification. But there is also the question of the permanent payment of the broadcast of this traffic,” — said General Director of “Victory.”

The representative of the airline in the court of first instance stated that it is technically impossible to install additional equipment on the Boeing aircraft operated by the carrier. He referred to correspondence with the manufacturer. However, the representative of Rostransnadzor said that other airlines similar orders executed.

On Thursday, the airline said exactly two years since the beginning of the flight. In the Petersburg airport “Pulkovo” was solemnly elected chetyrehmetrovy passengers transferred to “Win” in 2016.