Golodets has offered to hold lectures about Russian ballet lessons in schools

Голодец предложила проводить лекции о русском балете на уроках в школах

You need to tell you about the Russian ballet in the Russian regions, including lessons in secondary schools and schools of arts, told reporters on Friday, Vice-Premier of the Russian government Olga Golodets.

“We decided to cross the sectoral frameworks of the Ministry of culture and to go into the education system, it is very important, because not all children and not all adults are well informed about the Russian ballet. Not to say that today the entire Russia ballet is an integral part of the culture. In order to talk about it, you need to visit secondary schools to come to the art school, which are located throughout the Russian Federation”, — said the Golodets.

She expressed the hope that professionals will find the right language to tell kids about the ballet.

On Friday held a meeting of the organizing Committee to celebrate in 2018 the 200th anniversary of the birth of French and Russian ballet soloist, choreographer, and theatrical figure of Marius Petipa. Golodets said that the Committee decided to invite the organizing Committee not only Russian but also foreign colleagues, and also to call for the celebration of colleagues from the homeland Petipa, France, including from his native Marseille.