In Japan, do not rule out new tightening sanctions against the DPRK

В Японии не исключают нового ужесточения санкций против КНДР

Japan does not exclude the extension of sanctions against North Korea in addition to those already taken on Friday, said at a press conference, the Secretary-General of the government, Yoshihide Suga.

“Based on the reaction of the DPRK and action by the international community, we will consider various measures if necessary”, — quotes its words Agency Kiodo.

Earlier Friday, the Japanese government adopted new sanctions against North Korea in response to conduct that country’s fifth nuclear test. A new package of sanctions includes the extension of the ban on re-entry to Japan of the resident leadership of the Association of North Koreans in Japan, as well as foreign nuclear scientists and experts in the field of missile technology, if they visited North Korea; a ban on entry into Japanese ports all, without exception, the courts, including the Japanese if they went to the North Korean ports; expanding the list of persons and organizations of North Korea relating to nuclear and missile development, Japan should be frozen.

In addition, the continuation of sanctions declared by the UN security Council, Japan has banned the export to the DPRK of new aircraft and helicopters from North Korea prohibited the import of copper, Nickel, silver.

The DPRK on 5 September successfully tested three ballistic missiles that made up the air defense zone of Japan a thousand kilometers away from the triggers with high accuracy and fell into the sea within a radius of just one kilometer. Following this, September 9, Pyongyang conducted the fifth in a row since 2006 nuclear test, despite a ban by the UN security Council.

The UN security Council on Wednesday tightened the sanctions regime against North Korea after it conducted nuclear tests. 2321 the corresponding resolution was adopted unanimously. Resolution followed by a list of individuals and organizations to whom will be travel bans and freezing of assets and name of materials, equipment and technologies prohibited to supply in the country.

North Korea believes the sanctions infringe on its sovereignty and right to development.