In Korea the impeachment vote of President may be held December 9

В Корее голосование об импичменте президента может состояться 9 декабря

Opposition parties of South Korea on Friday will submit to Parliament a draft resolution on the impeachment of President Park Geun-Hye to hold a vote on this issue on 9 December, told broadcaster NHK.

The outcome of the vote, if it takes place next Friday, will depend on the anti-presidential wing of the ruling saenuri party, as for the decision of the opposition not enough 28 votes.

Part of the ruling party on Friday also issued a statement in which he issued an ultimatum – if up to 18 hours (12 GMT) December 7, President Park Geun-Hye herself not announce a specific period of his early retirement, this wing “Senuri” support on 9 December, the impeachment of the President.

Park Geun-Hye Tuesday spoke to the people and declared readiness to retire early, which flows in February 2018. Many in the ruling party believe that Park Geun-Hye must resign no later than April 2017. For impeachment of the President requires the consent of 200 of the 300 members of Parliament. The opposition party is represented by 172 deputies, thus, without the consent of the 28 MPs from the ruling party, the impeachment can not be accepted.

Political scandal around the President of South Korea erupted after the media reported that Park Geun-Hye gave her friend Choi sung-SIL, not occupying any government posts, edit your speeches and presentations before their formal publication, thus allowing to influence the policy of the state. In addition, Choi is suspected that pressure was exerted and translated levies from large South Korean corporations on the accounts of two affiliated non-profit foundations, using their political influence. The accounts of these funds were transferred about $ 70 million from 52 companies and 19 business groups.

Choi was indicted on November 20, after which the Prosecutor’s office reported that the President is suspected of “conspiracy in significant part” the circumstances of the case about a corruption scandal.