In Novokuznetsk from falling from the roof of the snow-affected children and caregivers

В Новокузнецке от упавшего с крыши снега пострадали дети и воспитатель

Two children and a teacher of the kindergarten in Novokuznetsk suffered injuries from falling from the roof of snow, which broke the visor garage and partially came off in their direction, the press-service of investigatory management SK the Russian Federation across the Kemerovo region.

According to authorities, the incident occurred on Friday around 10.30 am (6.30 am GMT).

“From the roof-storey residential buildings fell the snow that fell on the marquee of the entrance, shattering it snow ricochet hit two children and a woman passing by. With various traumas they are hospitalised. On this fact conducted preliminary examination”, — stated in the message.

According to preliminary information, the children — pupils of the kindergarten, which is located on the first floor of this house, the injured woman is the caregiver. At the time of falling snow they were walking, they passed by the entrance. Entrance to kindergarten is located approximately 10 metres from him.

“Children and teacher were hospitalized. According to preliminary data, the serious injuries they received, and only the bruises, but later the doctors will deliver more accurate diagnosis,” said RIA Novosti the regional SUCK.

The consequence establishes a management company, which serves the house, finds out all circumstances of an event. After checking on the fact of rendering services not meeting safety requirements will be a procedural decision.