In St. Petersburg, Putin will hold session of advice on culture and language

В Петербурге Путин проведет заседание советов по культуре и языку

The head of Russia Vladimir Putin will hold a joint meeting of the presidential councils for culture and arts and Russian language in St. Petersburg, reported the press service of the Kremlin.

Council members will discuss the support of public organizations, movements, voluntary associations, will concern the development of regional theatres and centres of filmmaking, and will also speak about the efforts of the government and society in solving the problems of literary education, inclusion of citizens to the Russian classical literature.

Special presidential envoy for international cultural cooperation Mikhail Shvydkoi believes that members of the Council for culture will discuss actual problems of society, particularly the education of aesthetic taste of the Russians, the development of culture in the regions and arts education. According to him, will also discuss the relationship of culture and power.

“You have to understand that today the government takes that kind of brand collective, tolerant attitude to the processes occurring to the culture. The management of the cultural industry tries to avoid any radicalism, I think that the cultural figures try to avoid radicalism,” — said Shvydkoi.

He stressed that the key topic for discussion could be the problem of education of artistic taste, because in the last decades there has been a dehumanization of school and higher education, “and today the audience is very undemanding, very uneducated artistic”. According to Shvydkoi, the meeting is necessary to raise the question of the restoration of aesthetic education in schools.

Presidential adviser on culture Vladimir Tolstoy said that the topic would be very broad, and participating in the discussion will be attended by more than 80 people. According to the regulations, a maximum of 12 people.

“It all depends on who gets the floor and how he would raise the subject,” concluded Thick.