In the Moscow synagogue will host an exhibition about the Creator of anti-tank hedgehog

В московской синагоге откроется выставка о создателе противотанкового ежа

The exhibition “the Hedgehog vs the swastika”, dedicated to the Creator of the anti-tank hedgehog and timed to the 75th anniversary of the battle of Moscow, will open on 5 December in the Memorial synagogue on Poklonnaya hill, reported Friday RIA Novosti in the press service of the Russian Jewish Congress.

“In the center of the exhibition — history of anti-tank hedgehog, who played a crucial role in the battle of Moscow and defended the capital from the Nazi tanks, and the fate of its inventor major General Michael Gorikker. Among the main exhibits — an anti-hedgehog in full size and personal belongings of Gorikker: armored jumpsuit, wrist watch, sketches of the urchin test, notebook with calculations and drawings of his design,” — said in the message.

Among other exhibits — the original books of record of appeal in the eighth division of the national militia (1941), which was a lot of Metropolitan writers, and musicians. There is a line recording of the poet Emanuel Kazakevich and other famous cultural figures. Visitors will be able to see records of volunteers of the national militia, their personal belongings, the soldiers ‘ medallions, photographs, letters from the front.

The documents and artifacts of the exposition tell us about the creation of defensive lines on the outskirts of the capital, the heroism of the soldiers from the generals to the soldiers on the fate of the Moscow militia. The opening will be representatives of the Moscow government, the Russian Jewish Congress, who organized the exhibition and descendants of the participants of the Moscow militia.

“The goal of the exhibition is to show that the feat of soldiers of the great Patriotic was of an international character, to demonstrate the contribution of soldiers-representatives of the multinational people of the country to the common victory over the enemy,” — said the press service of the RIVERS.

Michael Carriker entered the history wars of the XX century as the inventor of non-explosive engineering obstacles “anti-hedgehog”, also known as “slingshot” or “asterisk Gorikker”. This boom was accepted into service on 3 July 1941 and played a prominent role in the defense of Kiev, Moscow, Leningrad, Odessa, Sevastopol, and other battles of the great Patriotic war.