Japan will hold the 2020 world summit of robots

Япония проведет в 2020 году Всемирный саммит роботов

The first world summit of robots will be held in Japan in 2020 in the prefectures of Aichi Prefecture and Fukushima Prefecture, announced on Friday, Japanese economy Minister Hiroshige Seko.

“World summit of robots” will be a competition of robots from different countries in various fields. It is planned to test the possibility of assistants to the person in areas such as manufacturing, service, infrastructure, disaster.

“We want to check will act as the robots in the society of the future and how this will change lives,” said Seko.

Main events will be held in Aichi Prefecture, and the scope of the confrontation of natural disasters and elimination of their consequences will be presented in the Tama city in Fukushima Prefecture.

Participation is open to universities, research institutes and enterprises. They created the robots will have to show their skills not only in the familiar industrial production of goods, but also in such mundane things as the placement of things at home, cleaning the toilets and arranging of goods on shelves and other activities.

In the field of elimination of consequences of natural disasters and accidents the robots will be given two situations – search and rescue victims after the accident at the refinery and in case of an accident in the tunnel.