Karpov explained why the whites lost the match for the chess crown

Карпов объяснил, почему Карякин проиграл матч за шахматную корону

Russian grandmaster Sergey Karjakin, who lost the match for the chess crown, the current world champion Norwegian Magnus Carlsen, nice fighting, but bad ordered a third party, said the 12th world champion Anatoly Karpov.

Match for the world chess crown between the world champion Carlsen and Challenger Karjakin was held in new York from 11 to 30 November. The score of the match after 12 games with classical time control was equal to 6:6. The winner was decided on Wednesday on a tie-break in four games in rapid chess — 3:1 in favor of Carlsen, who thus gave myself a gift on birthday is 30 November, the Norwegian was 26 years old.

“Fought gloriously, but, unfortunately, in the third game, where he had the advantage, he bad ordered over time and then failed (to lead). And in the fourth the black, when it is necessary to win, it is hard to play,” said RIA Novosti Karpov, on account of which there were many such decisive and style which some experts see in the manner of playing Carlsen.

Карпов объяснил, почему Карякин проиграл матч за шахматную корону
The hardest and worthy – Karjakin match for the world chess crown

Karpov in 1994 set a record in winning the 100 chess tournament (the previous record belonged to Alexander Alekhine — 78 won tournaments).

The first number of a world rating in the past several years, Carlsen spent the third match for the world title. In 2013, the Norwegian won the first prestigious title, ahead of schedule having won in Indian Chennai match the owner of the competition, the 15th world champion Viswanathan Anand (6,5:3,5). A year later, in Sochi, Russia defended the title again after beating Anand (6,5:4,5). The prize Fund of the 55th match for the world chess crown was about 1 million euros. The winner received 60% of prize.

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