More than 4 million rubles were received on account of the victims of the gas explosion in Ryazan

Более 4 млн рублей поступило на счет пострадавшим от взрыва газа в Рязани

More than 4 million rubles were transferred by the efforts of 150 companies and 49 citizens at the expense of the victims in the result of explosion of household gas in an apartment building in Ryazan, said on Thursday the regional government.

Explosion of household gas occurred on October 23, on the upper floors of 10-storey building in the 1st Autumn lane in 04.36 GMT. As a result of explosion there was a partial destruction of the upper three floors, including two residential. Seven people were killed. The government of the region reported 16 casualties, four of them were hospitalized. The house was 253 people, including 51 children, were evacuated 102 tenant.

To help the victims in the explosion, and these were recognized not only the bereaved families and the injured tenants, but lost the property, organized the collection of funds to the account of the Ryazan regional Fund of social support of the population.

“Currently, the Fund of social support of the population for the victims of domestic gas explosion in an apartment house №4 on 1-mu Autumn lane Ryazan lists 4.1 million rubles. Assistance was received from 49 people and 150 organizations”, — stated in the message.

The authorities decided not to rebuild the destroyed three floors of the first entrance of the house, and the 11 families, whose apartments were never recovered, handed the documents to a new apartment. For the purchase of housing from the regional budget under the order of Governor Oleg Kovalyov was allocated 40 million rubles.

In the affected house is finished with external building restoration and roofing works. The entrance, less the victim of the explosion, is completely settled, except for one apartment where it will be repaired. The entrance, where there was an emergency, is scheduled to settle until December 25.

Upon explosion, the investigation has opened a criminal case under article “manufacture, storage, transportation or sale of the goods and production, performance of works or rendering of services that do not meet the requirements of safety, entailed on imprudence death of two or more persons.” The sanction of this article provides till 10 years of imprisonment.