Omsk microsurgeons have successfully reattached a man cut with a saw the fingers of a hand

Омские микрохирурги успешно пришили мужчине отрезанные пилой пальцы руки

Doctors microsurgery clinical medical and surgical center in Omsk held a five-hour operation, during which sewed the man cut off the fingers, is spoken in the message center.

The center explained that the Department of microsurgery were taken working tyukalinsk road construction management, which when working on a circular saw cut off his four fingers of the hand.

In the district hospital he was given first aid and arrange prompt delivery to Omsk. To save the arm, the patient had to be delivered to the microsurgeons no later than six hours after injury. Severed fingers in a tightly Packed plastic bag, transported in a container with ice.

“With the help of a special microscope, high-precision digital optic device the surgeons sewed the vessels with a diameter of one millimeter, is also literally with a jeweler’s precision was stitched arteries, veins, nerves and tendons, conducted osteosynthesis (splicing) of bones,” — said in the message.

The operation was successful. The patient feels well, but still has a long road of recovery and treatment.

Clinical mediko-the surgical centre — the only one in Siberia microsurgery center of the brush, where more than 30 years experience in treating patients with diseases and injuries of the upper extremities, there is carried out a complicated operation by osteosynthesis and limb replantation.