Payments to volunteers for the 2018 world Cup and FIFA were released from taxes

Выплаты волонтерам ЧМ-2018 и FIFA освободили от налогов

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law to exemption from taxation of payments to volunteers helping in the organization and carrying out in Russia of world Cup 2018 and FIFA confederations Cup 2017, reported on the Kremlin website on Thursday.

According to the law, the proceeds are exempt from taxation, includes income in kind received by volunteers under the contracts with FIFA, the FIFA subsidiaries, the organizing Committee “Russia-2018” and payments made to volunteers under such contracts, for reimbursement of expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.

Federal law passed by the Parliament on 16 November and approved by the Federation Council on November 29.

In the current edition of the Tax code establishes a limited list of payments made to volunteers who are not subject to personal income tax. Are exempt from taxation, including income in kind in the form of uniforms and clothing and equipment received by the volunteers, volunteers.

Earlier, the Russian government reported that the income in another form, in particular in the form of payment of accommodation, meals and travel of volunteers, as well as compensation of costs incurred by them in performance of their duties, are subject to tax in a General manner.

In addition, Putin signed a law exempting from payment of state fees for the provision by the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation of decisions on visa applications and the subsequent procedures of foreigners or individuals without citizenship participating in the preparation and holding in Russia of world football championship FIFA 2018 and FIFA confederations Cup 2017. From paying duty are also exempt foreign athletes without citizenship. Federal law also passed by the Parliament on 16 November and approved by the Federation Council on November 29.