Putin asked to translate the film Sokurov’s “Faust” into Russian language

Путин попросил Сокурова перевести фильм "Фауст" на русский язык

Vladimir Putin at a joint meeting of the Council under RF President on culture and art Council under the President of the Russian Federation on the Russian language asked the film Director Alexander Sokurov‘s why he still has not moved its film “Faust” into Russian language.

Painting “Faust” based on the first part of the tragedy Goethe was released in 2011 in German language. Her Director was awarded a Golden lion at the Venice film festival. In the Russian hire the film in two versions: with subtitles and translation odnogolosy offscreen Sokurov himself.

“Now the question private, completely unrelated to your performance. So your “Faust” already enjoyed your German-speaking audience. Let’s change the anger to mercy, translate it to Russian language. “Faust” into Russian language translate” — appealed to Putin Sokurov.

The President commented ironically, saying that the film “pretends not to understand what I say.” “Faust” into Russian language translate”, — he repeated.

He laughed and said that although the President “was said several times” about it, but it has its own belief for this reason.

“Russian culture is so broad and extensive, we are so important that we are able to penetrate into the culture of any ethnic group, any cultural environment. On the one hand. On the other hand, we need to bring our worldview, our cultural consciousness of the world experience. Because language itself – this is a special culture, space. You know German and know what kind of treasure is in this. We need to be together with everyone in the world, we need to love each other, respect each other, do each other’s offerings. They do in Russian, and we can do it”, — explained the Director.

He added that abroad “understand it all and wonder”. “What are you! they say. I think I’m right, what was done in the German language,” said Sokurov.

Nevertheless, the President remained not fully satisfied with the response of the Director and added that they still have time to “debate”. “But why not translate this, I can not understand. Moreover, what the original already looked”, — concluded the President.