Putin discussed with cultural immediate problems

Путин обсудил с деятелями культуры насущные проблемы

Russian President Vladimir Putin held a joint meeting of the presidential councils for culture and arts and Russian language in Saint-Petersburg. During the meeting participants discussed the freedom and responsibility of the artist, touched upon issues of cultural heritage preservation and support of the film industry, and told the head of state, what issues particularly concern them.

Addressing the participants, the President noted that the joint meeting of the councils on culture and the Russian language is not accidental, because it will be the strengthening of the common cultural space of the country, classical literature and Russian language, which have always contributed to the preservation of the cultural code of the peoples of Russia and its transmission to new generations.

“The diversity of the native language, humanistic values of the best samples of Russian language and literature give an opportunity to realize the richness of Russian culture in General, its historical significance for the country and for the world, involvement in the fate of Russia”, — Putin said.

The priority of culture

The President said that throughout Russia, the number of people who prefer meaningful, “intelligent” leisure continues to grow. This year the number of Museum visitors reached almost 120 million people, with the growing popularity of theatres and theatrical productions and festivals that annually attract nearly 39 million people. Such indicators, Putin said, there is no other country in the world.

“Don’t miss the premiere, going regularly to exhibitions and concerts of classical music gets to our citizens is not just good manners, and a pressing need, and it is important to keep in society that a positive attitude,” — said the head of state.

The President said that the government will continue to support major projects in the field of culture, leading creative teams, and relevant institutions. He noted that Russia needs new formats of reading the classics in cinema, theatre and in social networks, which will retain the value content of the original work, the richness and imagery of language.

The Director of the Museum-reserve of Mikhail Sholokhov, the grandson of the great Russian writer Alexander Sholokhov in his speech expressed hope that in the next message of Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly culture will be declared a priority along with economic growth and national defense. He proposed to change the approach to the study and development of cultural heritage and to focus efforts on the implementation of the tasks will contribute to the creation and enhancement of critical capital of the state of human capital.

“We so wanted in the next President’s message to hear on priority the role of culture in our country, that we pay for this effort, and the spiritual and the material,” said Sholokhov.

Freedom and responsibility creativity

First joint meeting took the word artistic Director of “theatre of Nations” Yevgeny Mironov, who raised the issue of restrictions on the freedom of creativity in culture. He said that recently in a theatrical environment there were concerns about such restrictions. According to him, concerns related to unlawful actions of officials, who were forbidden to show performances, Recalling the statements of public organizations. As an example, Mironov led the cancellation of a production of “Jesus Christ superstar” in Omsk.

According to him, the concern and impunity of the actions of the activists who allow themselves to break into the theatre during performances, causing their disapproval and disrupt the exhibitions. He recalled that the creative freedom provided in the Russian law to prohibit the display of exhibitions, performances or other works of art is possible only in a judicial order, and the bullying needs to stop law enforcement agencies who are “not always ready for such measures.”

Putin instructed the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky to understand the situation with the prohibition in Omsk production of “Jesus Christ superstar”, and stressed that he considers the principle of freedom of creativity is absolutely immutable, but recalled the existence of the artist’s responsibility to society.

“The artist, “ruler of doom”, so to speak, the extent of this responsibility is especially high. In a creative environment — I would like to stress that aspect of the matter — must be defined the line between cynical offensive, shocking and creative action,” the President said. He added that at no moment forget the tragedy that occurred in the Paris edition of Charlie Hebdo, when two intruders broke into the office and opened fire on people were present there.

The President urged cultural workers to develop criteria for creative works, allowing to define, whether they go beyond the law, whether the insult anybody’s feelings.

“A difficult task, but it would be very good to us, and you would be able to do it. And then it would be easy to stop, honestly, and officials who cross the border”, — concluded Putin.

The preservation of cultural heritage

The General Director of the Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky in his speech touched upon the topic of preservation of cultural heritage on the example of the Syrian Palmyra. The ancient ruins of this city are a UNESCO world heritage site in Syria. The city, which was one of the richest centers of the ancient civilization, was under the control of terrorists banned in Russia organization of the IG since mid-may 2015. During your stay at the Palmyra militants blew up the famous triumphal arch with colonnade, the temple Balsamina II century and the sanctuary of the Supreme Semitic deity Bela. Was looted national Museum and the necropolis of Palmyra is the famous tower tombs of the patricians.

Piotrovsky recalled that exactly a year ago at the cultural forum called for the use of force for the protection of cultural monuments. After several months, the typeface was released. According to him, the Russian cultural and scientific institutions conducted a survey, created a complete 3D map of Palmyra. At this stage, said Piotrovsky, it is necessary to determine the next step in the cooperation with Syria, UNESCO, Interpol, international organizations and colleagues in different countries. He also proposed the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation to create the Commission for the coordination of support for the conservation and restoration of monuments of Syria.

Putin assured that the Russian authorities will continue to make efforts to preserve monuments of world culture.

Participants also discussed the preservation of cultural heritage and monuments in Russia. Speaking at the meeting, the Chairman of the Central Council of all-Russian public organization “all-Russian society of protection of monuments of history and culture” Galina malanicheva said that the elimination of Rosokhrankultura a negative impact on the preservation of the cultural heritage of the country. She suggested to think about creating a Federal body for protection of monuments of history and culture, and coordinator of “archnadzor” Konstantin Mikhailov proposed to allocate the state supervision and control over observance of legislation in the sphere of protection of cultural heritage in a special article.

The President stressed that the idea of Malanicheva requires further analysis, and for the protection of cultural heritage and the preservation of architectural monuments, he instructed Medina to meet with representatives of the sector.

“Faust” of the matter.

Director Alexander Sokurov asked the President to release from prison Ukrainian film Director Oleg Sentsov who was sentenced by the court to 20 years in prison on charges of organizing terrorist acts in the Crimea.

“We must proceed from the fact that we live in a legal state, and questions of this kind should be dealt with by the judicial system. As for his work, he is condemned not for creativity, but for the fact that he took on completely different functions, according to the investigating authorities and the court, namely in fact, he has dedicated his life to terrorist activities”, — said Putin Sokurov.

He entered into polemics with Putin, said that Sentsov simply failed to understand “the complexities and intricacies of the political moment”, “the blood on him no.”

“It is absolutely not in his position, it is absolutely not in what he thinks about the events that occurred in the Crimea. The case in its intent and in the preparation of illegal acts, which could hurt our citizens,” — said the Director Putin thanked for the fact that he drew attention to it.

“I know that this is a delicate issue and will have it in mind,” the President promised.

He also raised the issues relating specifically to the cinema. According to the Director, you need to build a system of national hire, to cancel a paid training in universities, “otherwise no Sukhinah we will not”, and provide filmmakers cheap loans for film production by 4-6% per annum, to be broadcast on television channels all the films made in Russia.

“With regard to cheap loans, it is a fine thing. If you say that we don’t want to live off the state, then in today’s conditions to provide cheap loan means to live off the state. Because he cannot be given other than as subsidies from the budget”, — said Putin, adding that “we need to think how to do this for those areas of activity that the state determines as a priority.”

Путин обсудил с деятелями культуры насущные проблемы
Putin: Russian culture should be “on the crest” of the events

Putin in turn asked Sokurov’s “change of heart” and translated into Russian language of his latest film “Faust”. Painting “Faust” based on the first part of the tragedy Goethe was released in 2011 in German language. Her Director was awarded a Golden lion at the Venice film festival. In the Russian hire the film in two versions: with subtitles and translation odnogolosy offscreen Sokurov himself.

Funding — all

The rector of the Petersburg Academy of Russian ballet named after Vaganova, honored artist of Russia Nikolai Tsiskaridze told Putin that cultural institutions in contrast to others are not included in state programmes that provide financial support to educational institutions.

“The funding will refund all” — said Putin.

“We will try to explain the and financial our bodies. As Dostoevsky said: “If to explain — and the Germans will understand.” I think that the Ministry of Finance we will understand”, — he added.

Anniversary Of Dostoevsky

Putin said artists, that preparation for the anniversary of the great Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky to deal with at the state level. In 2021 will mark 200 years since the birth of Dostoevsky.

Путин обсудил с деятелями культуры насущные проблемы
Putin: the anniversary of Dostoevsky should be prepared at the state level

“With regard to activities associated with Dostoevsky, of course, you need to do is to state the proper level, without any doubt,” he said.

On the proposal of literary critic, researcher of creativity of Dostoevsky Igor Volgin to lead the organizing Committee of the anniversary, Putin said he did not know whether he will be able to lead some kind of organizational structure. The President also noted that Russian classics, including Dostoevsky, his works had an impact on policy.