Scientists: drinking plenty of fluids helps to recover faster

Ученые: обильное питье не помогает выздороветь быстрее

Advice drink plenty of fluids during illness helps, and often harms the health of a person, especially if he is ill with chronic diseases, the scientists write in an article published in the journal BMJ Case Reports.

“There is minimum evidence that the advice “drink plenty of water” is a good way to combat simple infectious diseases. Such inaccurate advice is worth fighting, given the number of deaths and severe health problems associated with the development of acute hyponatremia”, say Laura Lee (Laura Lee) and Maryann Noronha (Maryann Noronha) from king’s College London (UK).

How to tell Whether and Noronha, some time ago in hospital of the Royal College asked for help a 59-year-old woman, suffering from chronic pneumonia and infections of the genitourinary system. The doctors gave her antibiotics, pain medication and bed rest, but the patient eventually became worse and worse – she began to stagger when walking, fall, periodically vomiting and she developed a speech impediment.

When doctors conducted repeated tests, they found that in a woman’s blood contained very little sodium – about 10% less than the minimum allowed values, which means the development of so-called hyponatremia.

After some time the woman confessed that constantly drank several liters of water per day, following the advice of the doctors who treated her last time. So she tried to “clear my system” from the infection. As a result, the patient was almost brought himself to the point of death – acute giponatriemia leads to death in 30% of cases.

Finding the cause of the strange disease, doctors told the woman to drink more than a liter of water a day. The next day she felt better and was discharged from the hospital.

This discovery surprised scientists – the disease rarely occurs in people who don’t do weightlifting, don’t take ecstasy or suffer from a special form of schizophrenia that causes you to constantly drink water.

Usually the kidneys and urinary system can adapt to use any amounts of water, however, with the development of some diseases, apparently, is weakened, causing excessive drinking of fluids can aggravate their course, and not to help recover. Therefore, doctors recommend not to listen to such advice and drink only the amount of water you want to drink during the illness.