SK Karelia has not found violations in the conditions of the Dading in the colony

СК Карелии не нашел нарушений в условиях содержания Дадина в колонии

The Investigative Committee in the Republic of Karelia has not found confirmation messages about using violence to serving a sentence in the Segezha colony for violations during rallies Ildar Dadina, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, senior assistant to the head of Department on interaction with mass media Vitaly Konovalov.

“In the course of the preliminary investigation, the message on completion of the management and staff of the correctional facility fku IK-7 any crimes against a convicted Ildar Dading was not confirmed,” — said Konovalov.

According to the SC, in their explanations Dading reported being beaten by staff and the head of the colony, illegally placed in a penal insulator (SHIZO) because found in his personal belongings razor blades, which he planted, and also said about the unbearable conditions of detention in a correctional facility and violation of secrecy of his correspondence.

Investigators found that during the inspection of personal belongings of the convict upon his arrival in correctional colony in accordance with the internal regulations of correctional institutions, was produced by his personal examination and inspection of his belongings. “They found two razor blades for safety razors are classified as items that the convicts in the prison are unable to have. Approval of the convict that blade he planted the staff of the colony, was not confirmed, they are refuted by the collected materials, including the videotape, which was conducted during the inspection,” — said in a press release posted on the Agency’s website.

SK informs that in connection with the revealed infringement Dading was subject to disciplinary action and placed in a punishment cell for 15 days. The Agency notes that the allegations of the convict that in the punishment cell he had been beaten by the chief of the colony and other employees, including suspended on handcuffs, also did not find its confirmation.

Investigators have confirmed that by Dadina applied physical force and special means — handcuffs when he refused to comply with the lawful demands of employees, “refusing to leave the chamber during its search, and when conducting the examination by the medical officer and was acting aggressive.” This fact was recorded by a DVR, according to a press release of the Ministry.

“In examining the videos, investigators determined that all injuries, including in the area of the forearms, formed a convict under these circumstances, as a result of lawful application to him of physical force and special means by employees of a colony”, — is spoken in the press release of SK.

Dading was four times arrested by the police for violation of the order of the meeting, the last time on 5 December 2014. Each time he was brought to administrative responsibility. According to Russian law, such repeated violation entails criminal prosecution. The maximum sanction of article of the criminal code provides till five years of imprisonment. Basmanny court sentenced Dading to three years in prison, although the Prosecutor requested two years in prison. Then the Moscow city court reduced the sentence by six months.

Earlier wife Dading Anastasia Zotova on the social network Facebook reported that her husband tortured in prison, beaten and even threatened to kill. She claimed that the prison administration informed of developments and involved in the bullying. About their checks in this regard, said the FSIN, the UK and the office of the Ombudsman in Karelia. Late of the Federal penitentiary service reported that the civilian doctors who arrived in the Karelian colony No. 7, did not find traces of beatings and abuse on the body Dading. Deputy Director FSIN of Russia Valery Maksimenko in late November reported that an internal check found no evidence of unacceptable methods of influencing the Dading and unlawful application of physical force.