Slutsky told about the objectives of the new foreign policy concept

Слуцкий рассказал о целях новой концепции внешней политики

A new foreign policy concept aimed at enhancing Russia’s role in the world and takes into account developments on the world stage in 2013, including cold relations with the West and the terrorist threat, said the head of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Leonid Slutsky.

On Thursday published a new foreign policy concept of the Russian Federation, signed by the President. The previous concept was adopted in February 2013 and is now revoked.

“The updated concept aimed at strengthening the role of Russia in the world, considering the difficult, turbulent period of the formation of a new polycentric world order and the international developments that occurred in 2013, including cold relations with the West, increasing the integration processes in Eurasia and the terrorist threat,” — said Slutsky reporters.

In this context, of course, points to the destructive attempts of the West to exercise dominance by imposing their values on entire peoples and States, as well as arbitrary interpretation of the norms of international law, with attempts of revision of which Russia will be fighting on all fronts, he stated.

“The concept is a fundamental document in the foreign policy of the Russian Federation – also reflects the rejection of Russia’s illegal sanctions counter to bypass the United Nations and the leading role which cannot and should not be revised for the sake of political interests of individual countries, primarily the United States,” — said the MP.

Slutsky said that the fight against international terrorism and these terrorist organizations as “Islamic state”, delivered at the forefront of contemporary foreign policy of the Russian Federation. “Here, our country reiterates its call for the creation of a broad international coalition and to full cooperation,” he added.

“I want to emphasize that Russia does not name individual countries a “threat to the world community”, not stringing them on the “axis of evil”. On the contrary, we are open for cooperation on all key issues, but only based on partnership, equal and mutually respectful dialogue,” — said the head of Committee of the state Duma.

According to him, the foreign policy concept of the Russian Federation fully reflects the international priorities of Russia in today’s difficult geopolitical conditions. “This is not to say that we are talking about a fundamentally new foreign policy doctrine,” he added.

The key principles of Russian foreign policy remain independent and multi-vector policy, openness to equal cooperation with all, who has the similar interests, including in order to effectively address the many challenges of our time, the MP said.