The complaint of “Yandex” on the failure to bring him to doubt Google will consider 22 Dec

Жалобу "Яндекса" на отказ привлечь его к спору Google рассмотрят 22 декабря

Ninth arbitration court of appeal appointed on 22 December, the appeal of the company “Yandex” in the definition of the arbitration court of Moscow, which she was denied entry into the process according to us Google’s contesting of the fine the FAS Russia in the amount of 438 million rubles, follows from the information on the court’s website.

“Yandex” on November 1 trial of the Google application to the FAS filed a motion to join the case as third persons without independent claims, saying it that it was he who initiated antitrust proceedings against Google, in his statement FAS in 2015, opened its investigation.

The first instance court, however, refused to allow Yandex to the process and, moreover, decided to conduct a trial behind closed doors at the request of the American company.

“Having reviewed the petition (“Yandex”) to join the proceedings as a third person on the basis of the subject and grounds of the declared requirements, the court sees no reason… to attract these persons to participate in the case, … evidence and reason demonstrate that a judicial act can affect the rights or obligations of the specified person in relation to one of the parties is not represented,” said the court in its determination.

Google in its statement asks to recognise illegal the decision of FAS of 11 August, which the company was punished for violation of the antitrust laws. The FAS in September 2015 has recognized the Google guilty of violating the competition law, in particular, abuse of a dominant position on the market pre-installed app stores in the Android OS.

The Agency ordered the company until 18 December 2015 to eliminate the violations by adjusting contracts with device manufacturers. In accordance with the order, Google must rectify the violations that FAS is attributed, in particular, mandatory preset on the mobile devices along with Google Play other apps, as well as a ban on pre-application of other companies.