The dialogue with the right with a harsh response. Putin approved the foreign policy concept

Диалог с правом на жесткий ответ. Путин утвердил концепцию внешней политики

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin approved the new foreign policy concept of the country, the decree and the text of the concept is published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

The document focuses on a wide range of issues, including relations with the USA and NATO, the situation in Syria, the fight against international terrorism and arms reduction.

The previous concept was adopted in February 2013 and has now expired.

Equal partnership

Special attention is paid to the relations with NATO and the United States. Russia has a negative attitude towards NATO expansion, the approximation of the infrastructure of the Alliance towards the Russian border and building up its military activity.

It is emphasized that such action violated “the principle of equal and indivisible security” and lead to “deepening of old and the emergence of new dividing lines in Europe.”

Russia will build relations with NATO, given the degree of readiness of the Alliance to equal partnership, according to the text of the concept.

Pressure unacceptable

Russia is interested in building mutually beneficial relations with the United States, given the special responsibility of the two countries for international security.

“Russia proceeds from the fact that the progressive and predictable development of the dialogue with the US on bilateral relations and on issues of world significance is only possible on the basis of equality, mutual respect of interests and non-interference in the internal Affairs of each other”, — the document says.

While Moscow will not tolerate attempts to pressure from Washington, and reserves the right to respond to hostile actions in the address.

It is noted that Russia sees as a threat to the establishment of a global U.S. missile defense system and reserves the right to give an adequate response. However, Moscow is in favour of constructive cooperation with Washington in the field of arms control and expects US in their actions on the world stage will strictly adhere to the norms of international law.

The EU is an important partner

The EU remains Russia’s important economic and political partner, noted in the concept.

In this case, further development of relations with European countries requires improvements in the legal framework and institutional arrangements for cooperation. Strategic role in the relations between Russia and the European Union called “the creation of a common economic and humanitarian space from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean.”

“The potential is intensification of joint work of Russia and the EU on counter-terrorism, uncontrolled and illegal migration and organized crime”, — is specified in the concept.

In addition, Russia is configured to maintain an intensive and mutually beneficial dialogue with the European Union on key foreign policy issues.

Syria, Afghanistan and the fight against terrorism

Moscow stands for a settlement in Syria, unity, independence and territorial integrity of the country, follows from the text of the concept.
The settlement of the situation in the country should be based on existing international instruments.

The concept is also outlined Moscow’s position on the situation in Afghanistan. In particular, it is noted that continued instability in Afghanistan, “against the backdrop of the withdrawal of the greater part of the international military forces poses a serious threat to the security of Russia and other States-participants of the CIS”.

With regard to combating terrorism, the key focus should be the creation of a broad international coalition “on the basis of effective and systematic cooperation, without politicization and double standards.”

Stresses that Russia considers combating international terrorism as “the most important state tasks.”

Arms reduction

Russia sees as its priority the strengthening of international law, the document says. Moscow strictly adheres to obligations under arms control and seeks the same from partners.

The concept emphasizes that Russia is ready to further discuss the gradual reduction of nuclear potentials and is committed to strengthening the regime of nonproliferation of nuclear weapons. This is especially important given the risk of ingress of components of weapons in the hands of terrorist groups.

Moscow also advocates for a Treaty to prevent an arms race in space.

It is noted that the danger of war including nuclear, the leading powers are low, but increase their risks of being drawn into regional conflicts.

The leading role of the UN

Диалог с правом на жесткий ответ. Путин утвердил концепцию внешней политики
In Russia stressed the importance of the UN as a centre of international regulation

The concept paper notes that the main trend of modern stage of world development is becoming a struggle for global dominance, and emphasizes the lack of alternatives to the UN as the center of regulating international relations. Russia, for its part, will contribute to the improvement of the mechanism of application of UN sanctions.

Separately emphasized that Moscow will oppose the attempts to interfere in the internal Affairs of States for unconstitutional changes of government.

Information security and other tasks

Диалог с правом на жесткий ответ. Путин утвердил концепцию внешней политики
“Shame and outrage”. Journalists and politicians about freedom of speech “European”

Moscow will use new technologies to strengthen the position of Russian media abroad and protect their information security.

Russia will continue to actively develop cooperation with China in all areas, from new concept. It is noted that the coincidence of the approaches of the two States to key issues of world politics is one of the basic components of global stability.

Also, the document States that Russia will expand its presence in Antarctica, to reduce tensions on the Korean Peninsula and continue to develop good-neighborly relations with Japan.