The Director of “Call of the tiger” offers to create in the reserves recreational areas

Директор "Зова тигра" предлагает создать в заповедниках рекреационные зоны

Inside a specially protected natural territory (SPNT) in Primorye, with time you can create a recreation area for the local population, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Director of “joint management Lazovsky state natural reserve named after L. G. Kaplanov and the national Park “call of the tiger” Vladimir Aramilev.

“I think that over time you can create inside protected areas recreational areas for the local population to give people some resources to use – mushrooms, berries. People still need to educate in a friendly manner. Here we have the village of the Transfiguration is surrounded by a nature reserve, just on the sea side they have a “way of life”. So all the locals still sometimes go on the protected area,” — said Aramilev.

According to him, it is necessary to divide the poachers on the severity of the damage.

“It’s one thing when animals are killed or the fire suit, and another thing, when a grandmother from the neighbouring village of mushrooms collected”, — he explained.

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