The expert highly appreciated the skill of the winner of “Russian Booker” Aleshkovsky

Эксперт высоко оценил мастерство лауреата "Русского букера" Алешковского

The winner of the 25th season of the independent literary prize “Russian Booker” Peter Aleshkovsky has a rare level of literary craftsmanship, he created a very clever novel, says editor in chief of the journal “Questions of literature” Igor Shaytanov.

The solemn ceremony of awarding the prize “Russian Booker” was held in Moscow on Thursday. The winner of 2016 was the writer, journalist and archaeologist Peter Aleshkovsky c Roman Fortress. The author worked on the product about six years I studied history of the Golden Horde, tried on different versions of the ending. The text exists in two dimensions of time — it tells the story of a fundamentally honest archaeologist Maltsov, who writes a historical work, but also brings the reader into the dreams of the main character about the rise and fall of the Golden Horde.

“The level of skill Aleshkovsky be what now happens rarely. One of the objections that I have heard before, when discussing the novel, was: historical part — the feast of language, and what is it so bad wrote a part of today? She is really close to some zero email, but it’s welcome. In descending order of historical memory decreases the style, it goes to zero. This decay of our modern language. Say, “How plainly he wrote to the officials!” but I’m such a “planar” officials saw dozens. I think it’s very clever and well written novel” — told RIA Novosti the Devils, who is also the literary Secretary of the award.

He recalled that Aleshkovsky three times reached the final of the “Russian Booker” for the first time he claimed the title of laureate in 1994 for his novel “the biography of the polecat”, followed by a nomination for the work “Fish” in 2006. Third nomination in the anniversary season led to his first victory.

A novel by Peter Aleshkovsky “Fortress” is also included in the short list of literary prize “Big book”, the winner of which will be announced on 6 December.