The government of the Khabarovsk territory reported on high-tech care

Власти Хабаровского края отчитались по высокотехнологичной медпомощи

More than six thousand inhabitants of Khabarovsk territory has received this year, high-tech medical care, it is 2.6 times more than in 2010, reported on Friday on the website of the regional government.

During the annual address to the Federal Assembly, Russian President Vladimir Putin has set the task to increase the level of Informatization of the healthcare industry and the volume of high-tech medical aid. All the hospitals and polyclinics of the country should be connected to high speed Internet that will allow ubiquitous use of the opportunities of telemedicine.

“Increase the volume of high-tech medical care will continue. In 2010, high-tech medical aid was received 2,32 thousands of residents of the region, then in 2016 this figure will be of 6.08 thousand people, and in 2017 is 6.67 thousand”, — reported on its website.

It is noted that the development of telemedicine is of particular importance for the region, where there is a remote and inaccessible areas.

“At the moment in health care are 48 sets of the necessary equipment. On the basis of regional children’s clinical hospital opened the center of telemedical consultations, the server is installed videoconferencing. Since the beginning of the year, the region held about 300 remote consultations. According to their results, also made decisions about the evacuation of a patient from remote areas of the region forces air ambulance”, — are reported words of the Minister of health of edge Alexander Vitko.

He noted that this year the aviation for evacuation of the sick and providing medical care in remote areas were used more than 400 times. If the doctors of the district hospitals do not have the opportunity to carry out remote consultations, missions would be more.-0-