The lawyer asks the Prosecutor General to check the legality of the detention Marouani

Юрист просит генпрокурора проверить законность задержания Маруани

Lawyer Igor Trunov asks Prosecutor General Yury Chaika to check the legality of the detention by the French composer Didier Marouani.

“We submitted the application to Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika with a request to take measures of prosecutorial response to curb illegal, unfair acts,” told RIA Novosti Trunov.

According to him, he asked the Prosecutor to check the lawfulness of the detention Marouani, which did not allow lawyers, illegally interrogated in the night, illegally searched and seized personal belongings.

“We are also asking you to return Marouani documents and records in a civil case, yesterday gave him a mobile phone”, — said the lawyer.

He also added that he had sent to the Minister of the interior Ministry clarified the statement with the request to investigate and to Institute criminal proceedings under article 306 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (obviously false denunciation) against the singer Philip Kirkorov and his lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky.

Earlier Kirkorov’s lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky has told RIA Novosti that Marouani and Trunov are suspected of extortion Kirkorov 1 million Euro and was caught red-handed when transferring their cash. Lawyer Lyudmila Aivar, representing the interests of French musician, told RIA Novosti that Marouani extorted money from Kirkorov, they had to come to global agreement about copyright violation.