The Senator believes that culture should be supported, not creating prohibitions

Сенатор считает, что культуру надо поддерживать, не создавая запретов

We need to support Russian culture, without making a “witch-hunt” against those who otherwise sees his artwork, believes the first Deputy head of the Federation Council Committee on legislation Alexei Alexandrov.

Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with representatives of culture said Friday that any act of hooliganism, attempts to disrupt a performance, exhibition unacceptable and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. He also believes that the criteria for what is permissible in the culture should be designed in the most creative environment.

“I believe that it should be easy to treat these issues without offending anyone and not exacerbating the situation,” — said Alexandrov RIA Novosti.

In his opinion, there is a Russian, Russian centuries-old culture based on goodness, morality, and Russian folk tales, the good education of children that need support. “Rather than the culture of war games, which develop some other country and try to impose on us”, — he said.

Alexandrov sure that essential to educate children in the spirit of good relations, to maintain the classical culture. “We often thought of Dmitry Likhachev, Natalya spondylitis. The great Russian people, moral and highly educated. We must develop a culture in society,” — said the MP.

“But at the same time not to make a “witch hunt”, there is something particularly stifle, to prohibit. To win his truth, rather than prohibitions,” he said.

“It is better to convince, but not to prohibit,” said the MP. He also noted that exhibitions with provocative context which was presented in Moscow, it was a lot less people than at the exhibition Aivazovsky.

The first Russian exhibition “Jock Sturges. Without embarrassment” took place in the Center of photography Lumiere brothers and was marked 18+. Sturges photographed girls from the nudist community, explained on the website site. Senator Elena Mizulina and children’s Ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova on 24 September appealed to the Prosecutor General, demanding to inspect the exhibition, and the head of the security Commission of the Public chamber of Russia Anton Tsvetkov, calling the exhibition “pure propaganda of pedophilia”, and promised to exert all legal efforts to close the exhibition. The organizers agreed to close it.