The son of former Polish President accused the leadership of violating the Constitution

Сын бывшего президента Польши обвинил руководство в нарушении конституции

The son of former President of Poland, MEP Jaroslaw Walesa accused the current leadership of the country in violation of the Constitution in connection with the situation around the constitutional court of Poland.

“What do the Ministers, the President and Madam Prime Minister, is a clear violation of the Constitution. It can not remain without punishment, the consequences must be such that future policy with full power, did not try to violate the Constitution. I understand that the current Constitution may not like. But if so, we will prepare a new draft Constitution and will present the project to the population, albeit in a referendum citizens will speak and then we can change the Constitution. But while the Constitution is valid, it must be followed, and the President is the guardian of the Constitution,” said Walesa, the radio station RMF.

Explaining his point of view, the son of Lech Walesa pointed to the situation with the Constitutional court of the country and the new proposal of the ruling party “law and justice” of reforms, which “destroys the legal and political system in Poland.” The President, in his opinion, violates the Constitution, knowingly signing unconstitutional laws, at least for their adoption and meets the Seimas, and the Prime “endorsing mechanisms” such violations.

Poland is currently experiencing a constitutional crisis in connection with the situation around the constitutional court (CC) of the country. President Andrzej Duda 28 December last year approved amendments to the law on the constitutional court, which sparked controversy in the country and criticism from the opposition. EK 13 January adopted the decision on the beginning of dialogue with Warsaw in order to avoid a violation by Poland of the European norms.

If this dialogue will not bring the desired results, you may be running a procedure under article 7 of the EU Treaty, which implies the statement of the European Union, “the existence of a clear threat of a serious breach” or, at least, “the existence of a serious and sustained violations of” country of EU values. In this case, Poland could lose the right to vote in the EU Council of Ministers.

The President of Poland Andrzej Duda on July 31 signed a new law on the constitutional court, which, in the opinion of the authors of the bill from the ruling party “law and justice”, was to help the country out of the constitutional crisis, however, this law has been critically assessed by the Venice Commission.