To go champion: Nico Rosberg ends his career in the “Formula 1”

Уходить, так чемпионом: Нико Росберг завершает карьеру в "Формуле-1"

The news that the new champion of “Formula 1” Nico Rosberg ends his career, came like thunder from a clear sky, but even a small look back that puts everything in its place, if not all, much of the decision of the German pilot.

Rosberg, speaking for the Mercedes, on Friday on his page on the social network Facebook announced the completion of a career in the “Formula-1” after only five days after winning the first championship title in his life.

To understand the situation first result is part of the quote of the video from the social network.

“For 25 years of racing my dream and only goal was to become the champion “Formula 1”. When I won the Grand Prix of Japan, I realized that the title is in my hands. The pressure increased, and I began to think about retiring from racing as a world champion. On Sunday in Abu Dhabi (last race of the season) I knew this could be my last race. And right before the start it became clear. I wanted to enjoy every second of my last race. On Monday evening I decided to take this step,” wrote 31-year-old Rosberg.

Hardly anyone would think and even imagine that at the start in Abu Dhabi the pilot came already taking final decision. Against which all the ruckus regarding the behavior of his teammate Lewis Hamilton at the finish of the race now seem to be something so petty and completely insignificant.

Despite local setbacks, the rumors about the transition of talented riders in the top teams appeared periodically. But the athlete did not leave the “stable” for four seasons, and in 2010 went from “Williams”, signing a contract with the “Mercedes”, which inadvertantly became the second and latest team to Rosberg in the “Formula-1”. But it was the German stable even if not immediately, but helped to reveal the talent of the pilot.

The previous two seasons, the results of which Rosberg remained second, skipping ahead of his teammate, was given to him is very difficult. After all, a rare person like the rank of “eternal second”. And in this case the Germans really had to be in the shadow of the charismatic champion Hamilton. By the way, many fans of “Formula-1” loved to speculate on this topic, calling Rosberg unworthy of the championship title.

It is the family, apparently, was the main catalyst solutions Rosberg on his retirement. Yes, becoming the champion of “Formula 1”, he made the maximum. But what he is worth, we can only guess. “The past two years have caused a deep sense of frustration after I gave everything. And this has had an impact on my family that I love very much,” said Rosberg, explaining the decision to retire.

The German once again proved to corporationin man, because at this point he was not thinking only about himself and his family, but also about family racing. “The only thing that hampered the decision was that I put my racing family in a very difficult position. But Toto Wolff (Executive Director of “Mercedes”) I understand and accept it.”

Yes, it is possible now to talk about cowardice and weak character of a person that ends his career in a moment, but no one knows what efforts has given Rosberg the title. No one but he and his family will not be able to say what the above victims had to walk his way to the top. And hardly described by the German on your page in the social network includes a whole list of reasons for the decision of resignation. To condemn him for such a move is just not worth it, because, as the saying goes, “winners are not judged”.

New Formula 1 world champion Nico Rosberg