UAE celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Union of the Emirates

ОАЭ отмечают 45-ю годовщину объединения эмиратов

UAE celebrates national day — the 45th anniversary of the Union of Emirates within a single state.

Across the country, displayed national flags, buildings illuminated in red, white, black and green flag.

The UAE, held a solemn ceremony at the end of the day, planned a massive fireworks display.

UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan congratulated the country on the National day. In his message, in particular, refers to the strategy of the UAE to 2021, which consists in “the construction of a safe state based on law and justice, competitive economy, sustainable environment and integrated infrastructure, education and health the high-level state based on the values of tolerance and moderation”.

“We will continue our efforts in countering terrorism and extremism, settlement of disputes and conflicts by peaceful means”,- stated in the message.

The President also expressed “deep concern about foreign intervention in the Arab region”, which “have fuelled extremism” and “created a threat to the territorial integrity and unity of many Nations”.

The Treaty on the Union of six Emirates formerly under British protectorate, was signed on 2 December 1971. The seventh Emirate, RAS al-Khaimah, joined the Federation in 1972.