Updated Tax code should earn since 2019, reported in GD

Обновленный Налоговый кодекс должен заработать с 2019 года, сообщили в ГД

Updated Tax code should earn since 2019, the task facing Parliament, told reporters Friday the first Deputy head of the faction “United Russia” in the state Duma Andrey Isaev.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking on Thursday with the annual message to the Federal Assembly proposed to consider in the coming year ideas for setting up the tax system. According to the head of the state is needed in 2017 to prepare and make all appropriate amendments to legislation — Tax code, and from 2019 to enter them into action, registering a new stable rules for business in the long term.

“The President today announced a very important public debate that we all have to spend the next two years — it’s a discussion about the renewed tax system. I think that in this debate we will discuss various issues about justice and cadastral fees, and the ratio of tax and non-tax types of payments that currently exist, and the question that worries many people is the issue of a progressive scale of tax on income of individuals. I think that the arguments in the one and in the other use will be made, and our task is to ensure that the 2019 earned new Tax code, which was in subject to the consent of the company,” — said the Deputy.