WP: in the US, the cruise company will pay a record fine for ocean pollution

WP: в США круизная компания выплатит рекордный штраф за загрязнение океана

California cruise company Princess Cruise has agreed to plead guilty on charges of ocean pollution waste and the attempt to hide it, companies will have to pay for such a record 40 million dollars, writes the Washington Post.

Princess Cruise — a subsidiary of Carnival. In the center of the criminal case was a concrete ship company Caribbean Princess for almost 3.2 thousand passengers. The ship resorted to special manipulations to circumvent the normal requirements of the equipment illegally and leaked thousands of gallons of oily waste into the ocean.

The case came to the attention of criminal authorities in the UK in the summer of 2013 after reports one of the engineers of the vessel. Representatives of the U.S. justice Department announced that the company’s chief engineer and his assistant tried to hide it from the authorities, removing from the vessel allowing the cheating equipment and ordering subordinates to give false testimony.

The investigation found that the illegal draining of waste the ship conducted since 2005. Investigators also recorded the number of violations on four other ships of the company.

The company has stated that it regrets and disapproves of the actions of the officers of the ship, which violated company policy. The company also announced that it has begun an internal investigation when he learned about the problem in August 2013.

Under the deal, a plea for the payment of a multimillion-dollar fine cruise ships of Carnival Corp. for five years, will work under the supervision of the court and be subject to regular external audits.