A representative of the trump commented on the conversation with the leader of Taiwan

Представитель Трампа прокомментировал разговор с лидером Тайваня

Elected representative of the US President Donald trump claims that he is aware of the current situation in US foreign policy and at this stage all negotiations with foreign leaders to the inauguration are not foreign policy and have a “congratulatory in nature”.

Earlier it was reported that the US President-elect, Donald trump talked on the phone with the head of administration of Taiwan Cai Inven. Presumably, this was the first telephone conversation between the President or elected President of the United States and head of Taiwan since 1979, when diplomatic relations of administration of Taiwan with Washington ceased. It was also reported that trump does not put the White house to support a policy of “one China”, in recognition of the impending call — the administration learned about it after the fact.

“The President-elect trump is fully aware and has full information on an ongoing basis in these issues regardless of who is at the other end (phone) wire”, — said Kellyann Conway in the TV channel CNN. At her words, he was “aware of the situation” relations U.S. foreign policy.

According to her, all calls and contacts trump with foreign leaders now “are of a congratulatory nature,” and he’s not trying to make policy as long as in reality did not become President on 20 January 2017.