Amber “Signs of Allah” will be sold at auction on 12 December

Янтарь "Знамения Аллаха" продадут с аукциона 12 декабря

Found a little over a year ago with an amber stone “Signs of Allah” sell at auction December 12, the birthday of the prophet Muhammad, part of the proceeds will go towards the treatment of cancer patients, told RIA Novosti the organizers of the event.

Amber stone “Signs of Allah” were found on the coast of the Baltic sea in August last year. The name of the stone received thanks to its two contours. One of them clearly resembles the name of Allah written in Arabic script, and the second is very similar to the human embryo in the womb on the sixth week of pregnancy.

Open auction for the sale of the stone will be held on December 12, the birthday of the prophet Muhammad. The initial price of the stone is 2 million euros.

“We want rock “Signs of Allah” fell into the hands of the pious and profoundly believer, it is our principled position. So before you accept a bid, we will also have a written interview with the winner of the auction,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, it is necessary that the stone does not fall into the hands of the person who would purchase it for resale.

“Part of the proceeds in the auction, is expected to list in one of the Russian funds to treat cancer patients,” — said the organizer of the event.