Arrested the alleged perpetrator of a gas explosion near Rostov

Арестован предполагаемый виновник взрыва газа под Ростовом

The court took into custody the alleged perpetrator of the domestic gas explosion in the Rostov region, which killed a woman and young child, told RIA Novosti senior assistant head of SUCK Russia by region Galina Gagalaeva.

Thursday, December 1, at 03.45 MSK received a message that the village Fedulov Bagayevskaya district in the house №10 along the street Komarova has occurred explosion of household gas. One of the apartments semi-detached single-storey houses were completely destroyed, the second part. As reported in the UK, the explosion killed a woman born in 1985, and her son born in 2012. The husband of the deceased, as well as two young children were hospitalized. Investigators arrested a suspect in the arson of the apartment in which there was a gas explosion.

“Today Bagaevskom district court on petition of the investigator of the investigative Department of the TFR in the Rostov region concerning the suspect the measure of restraint in form of detention. The criminal investigation continues, in the near future the suspect will be indicted,” explained Gagalaeva.

Earlier, the chief doctor of the Central hospital of Bagaevskiy district told RIA Novosti that the relatives was taken from the hospital of a child of two years, as doctors discovered he had injuries in the explosion. According to the regional Ministry of health, two others injured in the explosion of aid in the hospital in Rostov-on-don.

According to the investigation, on 1 December in the apartment of a single-storey semi-detached house in Bagaevskiy district the fire occurred, and then, presumably, cotton domestic gas. According to preliminary reports, 60-year-old suspect was dissatisfied with the division of property with the former spouse, so pre-purchased gasoline, poured them an apartment and set on fire. The dead and injured from a gas explosion lived in the apartment next door.

A criminal case under paragraph “e” of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code (murder of two persons committed dangerous way), part 2 of article 167 of the criminal code (intentional destruction or damage of property).