Battle characters: Lebedev will defend the IBF belt in the fight with Gassieva

Битва характеров: Лебедев будет отстаивать пояс IBF в бою с Гассиевым

World champion in the first heavy weight under version WBA (Super) and IBF Russian boxer Denis Lebedev will hold a mandatory defense of the IBF line with compatriot Murat by Gassieva, the fight will take place on 3 December in Moscow in the arena “Megasport”.

The assets of 37-year-old Lebedev 29 wins (22 of them by knockout) and two defeats. First he suffered against German Marco Huck in 2010, the second in may of 2013 from the Panamanian Guillermo Jones. Subsequently, the doping sample Russian opponent showed the presence in the blood of a prohibited drug, returned WBA title Lebedev, ordering the opponent to a re-match, which never took place again Jones failed a doping test.

His opponent is 23-year-old Gassiev won all 23 fights (17 KOs) professional ring.

The title is only one

The head representing interests of Lebedev of the promotion company “World of Boxing” Andrey Ryabinsky said that he would like to avoid matches between compatriots, but this is not always possible.

“We try to meet with foreigners and beat them, but sometimes you can’t avoid this meeting. We are both athletes respect. If there was a way to avoid this, I would really try to do it. But, unfortunately, no. It’s mandatory Challenger. Both fighters are interesting, we expect a serious battle,” said Rabinsky.

Unexpectedly, two days before the match it became known that the team Lebedev asked the WBA to withdraw the appropriate title Lebedev in this fight, which seemed a strange decision. The organization granted the request, and thus the fight will take place only for the IBF belt. As explained by the Manager of the champion Vadim Kornilov, initially, agreement on the fight involving only one belt.

“The WBA has decided that giving permission not to put the title on this fight. Because Gassiev is the mandatory Challenger for the IBF only. Arrangements for the WBA title with a side Gassieva we had. Why not announced earlier — we were in the process of negotiations, was waiting for confirmation. What kind of fear can be said? After all, if we put the WBA title, we have the option for a rematch, and in this situation this can not be in a situation that Gassiev mandatory Challenger. In principle it is quite a normal situation,” — said Kornilov.

Битва характеров: Лебедев будет отстаивать пояс IBF в бою с Гассиевым
Russian boxer Denis Lebedev. Archive photo

Who is the favorite?

A few weeks before the battle, the clear favorite was considered Lebedev, but before the bookmakers odds virtually leveled, and some began to prefer Gassieva. On the side of Lebedev in this fight will be a great experience, delivered strikes with two hands and the number of successful defenses of the title in the past. On the side of his opponent’s youth and a powerful knockout punch and ambition.

Experts ‘ opinions also were divided — some were confident in the advantage of the champion, others often rate the chances as 50 on 50.

“The difference in 14 years will not be the decisive factors, he said Lebedev. — I agree that that’s a 50-50, we have a heavy weight. The risk is the same. The fact that I’m 37, this is just the age on the passport, I feel 27. Murat — aggressive and a strong fighter. Glad to fight with a strong decent fighter, watched all the fights, December 3, find out who is stronger. Any person who goes into the ring, ready for anything. And the fact that it will take out forward feet. It is a sport, unfortunately. But I think that in our case this will not come up. So I did, and he prepared everything, everyone is ambitious and wants to win. It will be a battle of people who respect each other.”

Gassiev said that it would be “the most serious opponent in my career”. “I think Denis has the best heavyweight in the world today. Until 3 December, at least. About one boxer can say that he has a shot. About the other we can say that he is good in protection. About a third will say that he is moving well. But I will tell you about Dennis, he knows everything. He can attack and defend, and to move perfectly. I haven’t seen him tired,” — said the applicant.

He also noted that peace is the role of underdog in the upcoming battle.

“It is the athlete that his hard work has ensured that it has now. This causes a great deal of respect. Based on this, I’m taking my training and exactly know what enemy I will have to confront. So I calmly refer to the fact that Denis is considered the favorite in the fight. He is a champion, and it’s completely natural,” said boxer.

He in the same weight Russian Dmitry Kudryashov, in turn, noted that waiting for an exciting match. “I am very fond of Denis, familiar with the Murat, was with him sparring. It will be a very interesting fight in its sports component: difference of styles, the confrontation of youth and experience. We will witness a very interesting battle — who will be able to pick up the keys. Now say that one of them is a clear favorite, it is impossible”, — said Kudryashov.

Another heavyweight Grigory Drozd give the preference to the champion. “Assess the chances of Denis Lebedev to win the battle with Murat by Gassieva as 60 to 40, for me, Denis is the favorite for this match, — said Drozd. — They box in different style, Denis is an experienced boxer and a world champion, and Gassiev is a young and ambitious athlete with a good shot and good thinking in the ring. The fight will be very interesting.”

As well assess the chances of his pupil and the coach Lebedeva — known expert Freddie roach. “Let’s not to deceive anyone, everyone knows who the favorite in this fight”, — he stressed.

The Manager of the applicant Alexei Vasiliev was convinced of the unpredictability of the result. “Actually it is, Boxing lacks some of the unpredictability that will be in this game. Why, for example, MMA (mixed martial arts) is so popular, in my opinion, precisely because of the unpredictability. Never no favourites, that everyone can win. But in Boxing it is rare. Lebedev — Gassiev — this is the “rarely” that you want the fans, which raises the professional Boxing to the level it deserves”, he concluded.

Битва характеров: Лебедев будет отстаивать пояс IBF в бою с Гассиевым
Russian boxer Denis Lebedev became the winner of the duel for the title of world champion under version WBA

The Chakhkiev, Vlasov, Kudryashov

During the evening between the Russian soldiers by Rahim Chahkieva and Maxim Vlasov will be held the WBC International WBA in the first heavy weight. In anticipation of the fight Chakhkiev tried to stay in the shade and did not give comments.

Vlasov was configured to fight very strongly and that was confirmed by his Manager Shamir Petrosyan. “This is a very important fight, we have a strategy, he is very attuned and ready. The fight with Chahkieva show. If all goes well, then next we plan to hold a championship fight on the line WBA from (Beibut) Semenovym. We have no time, Vlasov already an experienced boxer, he’s thirty years old. You have to take risks, to wait for nothing,” he said.

In the same weight category, craterface, will be another interesting fight. Russian Dmitry Kudryashov to meet with Colombian Santander Silgado, at stake will be the WBC Silver. The Russian boxer has expressed a desire as quickly as possible to step into the ring in the battle for full-fledged title.

“To approach this fight carelessly I’m not going. We come fully prepared and will try to show quality box. When you plan to come for champion fight? I’m ready now, I want it, but how to decide the Boxing structure… Maybe someone will choose me for protection. In General, all is the destiny of my promoters. I’m not 18, so you can procrastinate. I want to fight for the title,” said 31-year-old Kudryashov.

Битва характеров: Лебедев будет отстаивать пояс IBF в бою с Гассиевым
Russian boxer Rakhim Chakhkiev. Archive photo

Protection Troyanovskiy the title and comeback Kulakova

Winner of the title of world champion under versions IBO and IBF Welterweight Eduard Troyanovsky will meet in the evening with Julius Indongo from Namibia. Earlier trojanowski trained under the leadership of Roman Anuchin and for this fight it was prepared by Dmitry Vorobiev. Most recently, on 9 September, the Russians knocked out the Japanese Keith Obara.

“Underestimating your opponent can never, and I treat him with respect. But the main rival is myself. Now I have a voluntary defense, is another battle, another step, and then will have either a unification bout or a mandatory protection. I have a circle in this regard is narrowing,” said the Russian.

Ryabinsky confirmed the plans of a boxer: “We want another belt for Edik, and we try to go out, but so far this question has not been fully resolved”. Troyanovskiy won on a professional ring 25 wins (22 by Ko) in 25 fights. On account of Indongo 20 wins (10 by knockout) in 20 fights.

After more than a year break in the ring will return to the Russian Svetlana Kulakova – and immediately into a title fight with the French Prisca Vico. At stake will stand the title of IBO light Welterweight champion.

“I really wanted to get back into the ring. I miss talking to you, and the doctor finally gave his full approval, I’m fully recovered. I can also say that were thought to complete with Boxing. And the doctor said that I need a break for a year. And this year, we still trained, but do what you can do. Directly to the fight, we began to prepare for June,” said Kulakov. Following the match, the athlete wants to close the issues with champion Ana Laura Esteche, in the first fight which was a draw.

Битва характеров: Лебедев будет отстаивать пояс IBF в бою с Гассиевым
Eduard Troyanovsky. Archive photo