Biathlete Fourcade and his brother arrive at the world military games in Sochi

Биатлонист Фуркад и его брат приедут на Всемирные военные игры в Сочи

French biathletes Martin and Simon Fourcade will participate in the winter international military games held in Sochi in 2017, said CSKA chief Mikhail Baryshev.

“The tradition of the presence of high performance sport in the armed forces is of Soviet or Russian tradition: virtually all of Western Europe and Asia went down that road. Therefore, brothers Fourcade we will see, in relation (8-time Olympic champion OLE Einar) Bjørndalen not ready to say with certainty that to date, Norway has not submitted their full application,” said Baryshev on radio “Echo of Moscow”.

He added, Bjoerndalen has the right to participate in the winter international war games as an employee of the Norwegian customs, and the international military sports Council bringing together representatives not only of the armed forces and various law enforcement agencies.

III winter military world games 2017 will be held in Sochi from 22 to 28 February.