CNN reported the theft of two billion rubles from the accounts of the Bank of Russia

CNN сообщил о краже двух миллиардов рублей со счетов Банка России

Hackers stole two billion from Russian banks, which were in the Bank, according to CNN.

The Central Bank confirmed to channel this information.

Hackers tried to steal five billion rubles, but the Bank of Russia managed to repel a cyber attack, says CNN, citing the Deputy chief of the security and protection of information of the Central Bank Artem Sychev.

“We are fortunate to return the money,” — said the representative of the Central Bank.

According to the Central Bank, hackers attacked private banks and stole money from the accounts of their clients.

The Central Bank did not say when the hacking occurred. But, as CNN notes, the attack similar to those that have occurred recently around the world. The channel is reminiscent of the attacks on the Philippines and Vietnam a few months ago, and Ecuador and Bangladesh last year.

Later in the Bank of Russia clarified that it is not about the theft, and the losses incurred by financial institutions because of the actions of hackers for the year 2016.