Crimean authorities have reacted to the arrest of Ukraine “Scythian gold”

Власти Крыма отреагировали на арест Украиной "золота скифов"

Ukraine imposed a lien on the collection of Scythian gold, owned by Crimean museums means nothing, said the Vice-Premier of the Crimean government Georgiy Muradov.

The collection of Scythian gold, about two thousand artifacts, was removed from the Crimean museums on exhibition “Crimea: gold and secrets of the Black sea” in the archaeological Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam in early February 2014, before the Crimea reunited with Russia. The Ukrainian side considers the collection of their property. Since then, the parties can not decide whether to return the artifacts. The district court of Amsterdam is planning to reach a verdict on the collection, 14 Dec.

Thus, the Pechersk district court of Kyiv seized the Museum exhibits, and the decision was sent to the Interpol to declare property in the international search.

“The court’s decision, which seized the Crimean Museum exhibits, means nothing. They can take as many provocative solutions for the legal side it is not very important”, — told RIA Novosti Muradov.

According to him, the fate of Scythian gold will solve Dutch court.

“There is absolutely clear and from the international legal point of view clear and understandable situation. I have personally seen all agreements which are concluded between the Crimean museums and the Dutch Museum. All exhibits and remarkable finds are Crimean artifacts. On the basis of international law unequivocally of the Museum all Museum exhibits should be returned to the Crimean museums, that is, those from whom they were taken for temporary use for exhibition,” said Muradov.

Vice Prime Minister stressed that if the verdict on the Museum’s collection will be discarded “political husk and intrigues”, the artifacts will return to Crimea in the next year.