Crimean rescuers recommended to refrain from Hiking in the mountains

Крымские спасатели рекомендовали воздержаться от походов в горы

Residents and guests of the Crimean Peninsula should refrain from Hiking in the mountains, said on Saturday the regional Department of EMERCOM of Russia.

In the Crimea announced a storm warning: heavy rain, wet snow, sometimes heavy rain, on roads ice, a strong South-West changing to North-westerly wind of 25-30 meters per second, sometimes a hurricane of 33 meters per second. The air temperature in the coming days will drop to -13 at night, day -7. In the mountains of possible avalanches. On Saturday, the avalanche came down from the southern slope of mount AI-Petri in the direction of Yalta at the 50th kilometer of the road Yalta — Bakhchisaray.

“Rescuers are advised not to go to the mountains in the snow and bad weather,” — said in the message.

While being in the mountains, is to follow the change in the weather. Up in the mountains it is recommended to know the places of possible avalanches in the area of your route. Rescuers are advised to avoid places of possible avalanches, it often slopes steeper than 30 degrees, and if the slope without shrubs and trees – more than 20 degrees.