Day of silence: the mahallas of Tashkent said that waiting for the election of the President

День тишины: в махаллях Ташкента рассказали, что ждут от выборов президента

In Uzbekistan on the eve of presidential elections that will be held on December 4, is the day of silence is any campaigning for any candidate is prohibited. The RIA Novosti correspondent drove through the streets of Tashkent and looked in his mahalla (blocks) to test whether the observed mode of silence.

On Friday the whole of Tashkent was full of billboards with portraits of the candidates. It was possible to notice that, in General, agitation parity observed: inhabitants of the capital of Uzbekistan could see slogans all four candidates for the post of President of the Republic. The same equality also observed in the television broadcast many of the Uzbek TV and in the newspaper.

However, most experts and observers, and ordinary voters in General, do not doubt in the victory of a particular candidate – Prime Minister and acting President of the country Shavkat Mirziyoyev. But this is, most likely, his fame and prestige, as well as the fact that he worked in high positions.

“We know him well. He has long worked with the President Islam Karimov, so we perceive it as a successor to Karimov’s policy, which was fine with us. Of change and upheaval we do not want”, — told RIA Novosti on the streets of Tashkent. About the other candidates, the voters are basically saying “we don’t know them”.

Externally, quarter, mahalla looks like a wall of brick and mud houses, only occasionally cut a narrow entrance deep into the mahalla. But the inside is full of life: residents of neighborhoods celebrate holidays together and share grief. The main point of mahalla — self-government, in which the government does not intervene. Here to solve the housing and repair roads, protect public order, can chip in to help a needy family. Every Saturday the residents of the private sector together to go to work day — “khashar”.

Each mahalla has its own administrative building or room, the chair and the Committee. There is a chair in mahalla “Hazrat Imam” — his name is Babur Gaibnazarov. “For us election is a holiday. We feel elation,” he says. On his site, which is equipped in the building Committee, everything is ready for the election: arranged booths for voting, ballot boxes and tables for observers.

“We believe that the main achievement of Islam Karimov is the peace and quiet which always reigned in Uzbekistan. From a new President, we expect the same”, — said one of the elders Tahir Saidov, who came to the polling station. According to the elders, the main problems of the Republic, they think low wages, lack of jobs. But they believe that if the country will be stable, then these problems will be gradually resolved. “In neighbouring regions was the revolution, and even war, we do not need. We will be better to work quietly,” said elder.