Exchange USA has not demonstrated a single dynamics after data on the labor market

Биржи США не продемонстрировали единой динамики после данных по рынку труда

US stocks on Friday has not demonstrated a single dynamics after the publication of statistics on the labor market in the country, according to the auction.

Industrial index Dow Jones has decreased on 0,11% — to 19170,42 points, the index of high-tech companies NASDAQ rose 0.09% to 5255,65 points, and the index of wide market S&P 500 increased by 0.04% to 2191,95 points.

The unemployment rate in the U.S. in November fell to the lowest level since August 2007 and 4.6% from the October level of 4.9%; the number of jobs in nonagricultural sectors of the economy increased by 178 thousand. Analysts expected preservation of unemployment in November at the October level of 4.9% growth in the number of jobs on 175 thousand. While October the number of new jobs in non-agricultural sectors was revised downwards — to 142 thousand from 161 thousand.

Strong statistics did almost one hundred percent confidence of investors that the fed’s meeting on 13-14 December to take the decision to raise base interest rates. According to CME Group, at the moment, investors estimate the probability of monetary policy tightening in December at 94.9%, compared with the level in 92.7% the previous day. At the same time, traders expect at least one rate hike in 2017 with a probability of 69%.

In the past three weeks, the US market was unexpectedly strong victory in the presidential election Donald trump. “The market is rising on expectations that things will be better from the point of view of public policy. In order for these changes in government has occurred and has affected the income of companies, it takes time, and it’s safe to say that we went too far too fast, even if the line of motion has not changed,” said chief investstrategii Key Private Bank Bruce McCain (Bruce McCain) in conversation with the Agency MarketWatch.

Investors are also waiting for this coming weekend, news from Italy, where he will hold a referendum on constitutional reform. The government bill provides, first of all, changing the role and functions of the Senate (upper Parliament) in the system of bodies of state power of Italy. Investors fear that the failure of voters to support reform can lead to political instability.