Expert: investors still wary of Russian assets

Эксперт: инвесторы все еще с осторожностью относятся к российским активам

The uncertainty in respect of the assets of Russia from international investors remains, despite the positive decision of the OPEC and the election of the President of the United States Donald trump, told RIA Novosti chief economist, Norvik Banka UK Sergey Voloboev.

According to him, to talk about the positive emerging investors in Russian assets primarily to equity, at the present time is premature. Investors cautious as sanctions against Russia are not lifted, they will observe the development of Russian-American relations, the expert said.

“The period of uncertainty is over, the sanctions are not lifted. It is clear that the new administration in the US, most likely, will be engaged in the audit, what did the predecessors, so we can expect changes in bilateral relations. Maybe will do some progress in terms of sanctions,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

In his opinion, the further development of relations between Russia and the United States will be decisive for the mood of the majority of international investors, although the decision taken at the OPEC meeting, made a definite positive to Russia.

“I think that investors will closely follow the development of relations between Russia and the United States. With regard to the assets that do not fall under the sanctions, which can be financed, there are market factors. It is clear that following the agreement of OPEC, the risk of a sharp fall in the price of oil has decreased and this is very important,” he said, adding that “the pause in the capital market to Russia after 2014 will continue for some time.”