Expert: Russia needs countermeasures to repel cyber attacks

Эксперт: России нужны контрмеры для отражения кибератак

Russia must develop countermeasures to protect against cyber attacks, says a leading expert on information security InfoWatch GK Maria Voronova.

Earlier Friday, the FSB announced that foreign intelligence agencies are preparing a large-scale cyber attacks from December 5 with the aim of destabilizing the Russian financial system, including the activities of a number of major Russian banks. A cyber attack is planned to accompany a mass mailing sms and publications in social networks (blogs) provocative nature in respect of the credit crisis-the Russian financial system, the bankruptcy and withdrawal of licenses from several banks of Federal and regional significance. FSB takes measures to neutralize threats in connection with the received data.

“Symmetrical response can become a complex provision of information security at the state level, the banking system and citizens. This requires not only technical protection, but also countermeasures to counter the effects of the information”, — told RIA Novosti Voronova.

She noted that the number of cyber attacks on the government and the banking system of Russia is growing and the information war – a very popular type of attack in the modern world. If from the point of view of the implementation of cyber attacks on banks to test the security of the banking system in General and of individual banks, information attacks include the impact on citizens, says Voronov.

“You can recall the information attack on Sberbank in 2014, or black Friday in the Urals in 2013, when after sms-mailing about the revocation of the licences of the largest banks in the Urals customers ran to withdraw money and close the accounts”, — the expert reminded.