Experts: structure of the elections the Kremlin will aim to work with the regions

Эксперты: структура по выборам в Кремле нацелится на работу с регионами

Qualitative transformation in the work of the presidential administration, most likely not, the current restructuring may be associated with the change of personnel and the desire to organize the distribution of functions, according to respondents RIA Novosti experts.

Thus, according to political analysts, the Kremlin of the new structure in charge of the election campaign, will be evidence of attention to this subject and will focus on the interaction with the regions.

Earlier on Friday a senior source in the Russian presidential administration told journalists that the Kremlin will create a unit in charge of election campaigns. In the single voting day September 10, 2017 15 regions to choose new leaders, he said. The press also reported that the Kremlin is preparing a “revision” of the regions ‘ efficiency, the results of which will present to the President. He admitted the possibility that the audit may lead to changes of personnel in the Governor’s case. The source stressed that the decision will definitely remain with the President, who “may not agree with the conclusions”.

A source in the Kremlin has not confirmed the reports about the alleged planned reform of the presidential administration, however, did not rule out future adjustments in case of setting of new goals and objectives.

Last week the newspaper “Kommersant” wrote that the Kremlin administration is waiting for structural changes and reorganisation. According to sources, the number of departments could be reduced from 21 to eight or nine. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the publication, said that is not clear. According to him, are different discussions regarding the possible reorganization.

Curator of the campaign

Candidate of political Sciences, Director of Institute of regional problems Dmitry Zhuravlev explained that the electoral campaigns are always supervised in the Department of internal policy of the Department of regional policy (when it existed).

“It is normal and natural. And dedicated units – this is only a proof that the importance of this issue, if this allocation will be (because while we’re talking about a hypothesis), if this allocation is, it’s just going to say that this task is given special attention,” — said the expert, noting that if the unit will be created, then more meaningful problem at the moment is an elective subject.

His colleague, Deputy Director of the Center for political conjuncture Alexei Zudin noted that the assumption of specialization of a new structural unit, which supposedly will conduct the election campaign is new, according to him, cooperation in this regard and was effective, so before a new structure can be set a new task – these results to improve.

“Or to achieve the desired results by using a few other tools. In this case, the specialization becomes clear,” said Zudin, adding that a clear understanding of the situation, you need to know how it took the leadership of AP the results of the elections to the state Duma.

Speaking about the function of this unit Zhuravlev believes that it will be some functional interaction in the first place with regional authorities and political parties, such a device should remove the subjective component: “who to whom it applies, there’s no avoiding it, but it should not influence either the result or the election process”.

“It is in order not to create regional authorities of the danger, to use his Executive power during the elections, and secondly, the more there is the more organized the election process: to help in the development of propaganda, for example, the parties themselves are not as powerful as the EP and the Communists, to allow somewhere the excesses of the relations of local authorities and some individual parties in different regions,” — said the expert.

The transformation in the administration

With regard to conversions, the question is what to make of this concept, believes Zhuravlev. “If a qualitative change in the nature of the work – it will not. For 25 years the administration has developed its scope of activities, we’re not in a revolutionary stage, and it is clear what will be done,” — said the expert.

According to him, the “revolutionary stage” was in the early ‘ 90s, “when all this was created when we didn’t know what sphere of activity should be engaged in the administration had very different approaches, I remember.” “Now we have decided on the property, including, engaged in managerial matters, that is, it seemed that what may not be worth it to do it. In this sense, transformation is impossible,” — said Zhuravlev.

Zudin believes that the rumors about the possible reform of the presidential administration with the arrival of a new leader appear natural and not for the first time. Moreover, according to the analyst, again not just a rumor, but the content of the changes that are expected.

According to Zhuravlev, often the reorganization of administration is transforming, and the shape change of personnel. “Reorganization is always out of state a significant part of the device, those who reorganizatsiya. In these conditions much easier and more efficient to change the people, and the previous people to provide some work and to recruit those who you think need, therefore, reorganization is happening periodically, it is not an extraordinary event. Just fact it does not change” — said the expert.

Audit of efficiency of the regions

The political scientist Alexander Konkov noted that such messages may indicate that the presidential administration is going to, at least, organize the distribution of functions.

“It can be linked. The fact that there are such kind of units are a harbinger of what is to come to a certain systematization of activities and bringing it into line with the most urgent task facing the administration as a structure that primarily ensures the activities of the President. Getting rid of unnecessary features, specification, formalization,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

“The message delivered by the President, it was suggested that the range of issues related to investment climate, business climate, will be one of the most important indicators by which to measure the quality of the regional teams. So, in my opinion, it was said. And we can assume that the performance indicator will include… including the indicators of the investment climate,” says Zudin.

The expert noted that the performance indicator likely will be included and criteria “regarding the social climate in the regions or quality of life – all that can somehow… to indicate how people really live and how satisfied they are with their life situation”. Zudin does not exclude the fact that a possible “revision” is not only connected with the desire to assess the effectiveness of the regional teams, but also to collect information to the next presidential election.

According to Zhuravlev, to some extent, those who work with the regions ranking system is built by itself and such monitoring “may of course lead to changes in the Governor’s case”.

“But also you need to keep in mind that to send to distrust a huge number of governors, perhaps, after all, there is no reason, even where they have the level of effectiveness is low. That is, distrust is a sign of misconduct by the Governor and not the weakness of his work. Any other way, except by the distrust to dismiss the Governor can not be, because, he’s elected by the people,” he explained.

Therefore, according to Zhuravleva, the important question in this regard: “What next?”.

“The question of the mechanism of use of this information. Maybe put the question to the local administration of the EP, which has a majority in the legislative Assembly, on the initiation of resignation of the Governor. This mechanism should work is very important, it can be more important than the ranking”,- concluded the expert.

Эксперты: структура по выборам в Кремле нацелится на работу с регионами