Gref disguised as a disabled person tried to get credit in the savings Bank

Греф под видом инвалида попытался получить кредит в Сбербанке

Sberbank on the eve of International day of persons with disabilities launched a project for the technological examination of how they provide services adapted for people with disabilities. The head of the largest Russian Bank Herman Gref has personally experienced suit, simulating a disability, and tried to obtain in Sberbank the credit.

Sberbank has acquired special costumes Gert, simulating disabilities and diseases. These suits were invented in the UK by order of the medical schools for the training of doctors studying the disease and more effective diagnostics. Due to the high performance of the costumes was used to test the availability of the environment.

There are only a few such suits, but it was Gert in 2013 used in the project of the British Bank Barclays is a world leader in adapting its products, services and the physical space of the branches and offices.

Gref takes credit for a wheelchair

Are you satisfied with the service in Russian banks?

The head of Sberbank German Gref personally tested this suit in which he almost could not see and hear. At the Bank’s office Gref I got a voucher, went to the right window and asked to get credit. The Bank employee asked for what purpose he needs the loan. The head of Sberbank said that on a wheelchair. The representative of the Bank said the amount of the loan and the income of the client. Gref said that he needed 100 thousand rubles, and his income is 30 thousand rubles a month.

However, before the employee has completed the design of the application, the head of Sberbank took off the headphones and glasses, handed them to the officer and offered to personally ensure that he barely saw what was shown to him by the employee on the monitor, and also a very bad heard him. He asked the representative of the Bank to adjust its work with the disabled in the future.

“Today I was wearing goggles that simulate glaucoma. The numbers I’ve seen, but I haven’t seen the monitor — saw only bright spot. Only saw the blurred outline of a face of a girl who was talking to me. Of course, a very different feeling. I think that it is imperative for employees who work with persons with disabilities themselves have been spending some time in these suits to feel. All this develops empathy. When we think we imagine the feelings of people with disabilities is absolutely not what they really feel,” he told reporters Gref.

The head of Sberbank said that these suits, the Bank only recently purchased. They are intended for developers of the products of the Bank and for those people who work with people with disabilities.

Греф под видом инвалида попытался получить кредит в Сбербанке
Sberbank has launched a project of adapting services to the needs of persons with disabilities

“It was very helpful, we will make a number of findings from my stay in this suit. I think we will also create special products for persons with disabilities for the purchase of special items such as strollers and so on. Today, give the job to have worked on this,” added Gref.

Service for people with disabilities

After the launch of the pilot in Moscow on the following day the suits will be tested in St. Petersburg. In 2017, will be the test of adaptation regional banks of Sberbank. Meanwhile, according to Gref, the Bank has a retail division’s “Special Bank” that is engaged in the preparation and adaptation of products and services of the Bank to work with people with disabilities.

“We have about 12 million people with disabilities in the country, about 40 million disabled people. According to expert estimates, most of them are clients of Sberbank. We have in recent years made a big step forward in terms of adaptations to our offices to work with people with disabilities,” — said Gref.

According to him, the savings Bank purchases a large number of terminals that can work with different types of disability. Among such devices — keyboard, Braille ATMs, which are located much lower than normal.

“The network has with different types of devices more than 10 thousand ATMs. About 3 thousand branches in our country are adapted for the disabled. Every year we try to take a step forward in terms of working with people with disabilities”, — said the head of Sberbank.

Греф под видом инвалида попытался получить кредит в Сбербанке
Sberbank has launched a project of adapting services to the needs of persons with disabilities