In Japan taxi rammed the building of the hospital, two people were killed

В Японии такси протаранило здание больницы, погибли два человека

Taxi rammed the building of the hospital in the Japanese city of Fukuoka on the island Kyushu, in the accident killed at least two people, seven people received injuries of varying severity.

According to the channel NHK, citing local police, the incident occurred at about 17 PM local time (11 hours GMT). White taxis are suddenly rammed one of the panoramic Windows on the first floor of the hospital, which houses the reception and waiting area, drove a few meters, and then crashed into one of the walls of the hall.

According to recent reports, killed two people, about seven people were injured, some of them is estimated as heavy.

The driver was arrested on the spot. According to him, the car suddenly brakes failed. The police of Fukuoka city is investigating the circumstances of the incident.