In LC announced an increase in the number of attacks by the security forces

В ЛНР заявили об увеличении количества обстрелов со стороны силовиков

Ukrainian forces this week in and a half times more often fired at the territory of the breakaway Lugansk people’s Republic, said at a briefing head of the national police LNR Oleg Anashchenko.

“The situation on the frontline remains tense. In the period from 27 November to 3 December, the Ukrainian security forces twenty-one times violated the ceasefire. Compared to last week is an increase of 1.5 times,” — said Anashchenko.

According to him, the fire was prohibited by the Minsk agreements tanks, and mortars of caliber of 120 and 82 mm. Anashchenko said that during the shelling was used as infantry fighting vehicles, grenade launchers and small arms. Only the LC was issued 133 mines.

“The mortar fire was adjusted with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles…”, — said the representative of the defense Ministry.

Anashchenko said that the shelling by the Ukrainian security forces targeted the areas of the settlements Novokyivka, Christianity, raivka, Yellow, Groove Kalinovo-Borshchuvate Kalinovo Donetskii, Lozovo, and the area of the monument “Prince Igor” at the checkpoint “Stanitsa Lugansk”.

“Intensifying provocative actions by Ukrainian law enforcement agencies are trying to bring back the fire of our units on the front lines. But I can assure you, the commanders of the units of the LPR militia received orders to fire in response not open”, — said Anashchenko.

According to him, the people’s militia confirms readiness to implement all commitments under the Minsk agreements.