In Los Angeles found the remains of a mastodon age 10 thousand years

В Лос-Анджелесе нашли останки мастодонта возрастом 10 тысяч лет

Workers involved in underground construction in the U.S. city of Los Angeles, California, discovered the remains of a mastodon, whose age is not less than 10 thousand years, according to the newspaper San Diego Union-Tribune with reference to the representative metro.

Find (a fragment of the Tusk of a fossil animal the size of about a meter, as well as fragments of his teeth) was made the day before thanksgiving, which is celebrated on the 24th of November, at a depth of about 5 meters. The media learned about the opening at a later date.

On Monday, paleontologists, which are specially hired to conduct the excavations, discovered a few fragments of bones belonging to the second ancient hobotkom.

As the representative of the metro’s Dave Sotero, the remains belong to individuals who lived 10 thousand years ago. Scientists have yet to determine the species to which the animals belonged.