In Moscow children’s musical theatre named after Sats, will present the Opera “Noah’s ark”

В Москве детский музыкальный театр имени Сац представит оперу "Ноев ковчег"

After the Great theatre, which has just released the premiere of Britten’s “Billy Budd” Children’s musical theatre named after Sats, will present Britten’s Opera “Noah’s ark” is one of the works of the outstanding British composer of the twentieth century, created in the genre of chamber Opera, told RIA Novosti press-service of the theatre.

The name of the outstanding composer of the twentieth century by Benjamin Britten, associated with the revival of the genre of English Opera. Brittain was the author of major works of the operatic genre, and as a true innovator, created a new type of chamber Opera.

“My dream — to create the kind of Opera form, which would be the equivalent of Chekhov’s dramas… a Chamber Opera I think is more flexible for the expression of innermost feelings. It gives you the opportunity to focus on human psychology. But this was the Central theme of today’s cutting edge art,” wrote Britten.

Opera “Noah’s ark” created by the composer in 1958, belongs to a small musical theater incarnations of the biblical themes for children.

Opera based on the famous biblical parable of the “Book of Life” about the Great flood, of the death and rebirth of life on Earth. The libretto is based on texts of medieval Chester miracle of the SIXTEENTH century on the motifs of old Testament stories about Noah’s ark. Mirakli — medieval genre of theatrical performance based on stories from the lives of saints or of the Holy Scriptures. Britten, creating the Opera relied on the miracle of the deluge.

Conceiving a children’s Opera, the composer assumed that children will not only in the audience — he provided the participation of children in the execution of the work. Adult singers entrusted with the role of the Lord God, Noah and his wife, and the role of children and animals performed by children.

Theatre named after Sats offers his version of the operatic masterpiece by Britten. Among the characters came Adam and eve, Cain and Abel, seeking to get on the ark giant Og… recruiting new heroes, Directors Maria Litvinova and Vyacheslav Ignatov sought to emphasize the epic character of the Opera.

“During production we studied a huge amount of material on the flood. Open, made by us, reflected in the play. We have this story is not about a fun cruise with animals, as in some modern interpretations for children. This is a story about the travails, the strength and cohesion of the family, which managed to carry the light through the death of the world. They managed to revive the world anew,” — said on the eve of the premiere Directors.

According to the creators, they use in the performance of puppet animation and elements of shadow theatre on a giant screen, also included dance episodes.