In Sochi have eliminated the consequences of the disaster

В Сочи устранили последствия стихии

Online services eliminate the power outage and removed fallen trees after natural disasters in Sochi, according to the city administration.

On Saturday in Sochi was declared a storm warning due to the bad weather: heavy snowfalls in the mountains, sticking of wet snow, hurricane winds and storms. Authorities report that early in the morning at the resort the wind gusts reached 30 meters per second. Locally there was a drop in trees in 24 territories from Lazarevskiy district to Matsesta, and by 10 a.m. all of the fallen trees were cut and removed. This work did not affect road traffic in the city.

“Due to the falling of a tree on the railroad tracks in the center of Sochi for 1.5 hours was arrested movement of Swallows. Now the schedule is restored. While this incident did not affected the schedule of trains of distant following. On the street Vine was recorded break of electricity cables. Quickly service went to the scene and restored electricity”, — stated in the message.

It is clarified that the rest of the city — Mountain and Coastal cluster — the element is not affected. Now all city services are operating normally. According to weather forecasts Gale force winds will continue until the end of the day. Plot Maggie-Jolly — strong excitement of the sea — 5-6 points.

The resort kindly asks residents and visitors not to leave the premises in bad weather, to take all necessary security measures for the safekeeping of personal property, not to leave the vehicles under trees and dangerous structures.